On Letting People Be


Perhaps, just perhaps, we need to let people be…

Let them be negative: maybe they are learning things in this way.   Perhaps it is not our way and seems extreme to us, but perhaps we seem extreme to them. If we ask them to be positive or to see the silver lining with our rainbow, maybe we are denying them their thunderstorm.

Sometimes, their negative view may be just what we need to reframe ours. Example: I was “clearing” from general anesthetic ; the by- product was 2 + hours of sobbing, anxiety and rapid heart pounding. Through my salted tears, I wailed to the nurse that I needed someone to help stop my pain and anxiety (and hence my tears) so that the people around me lined up on beds with me in The Recovery 1 Room, could begin to heal.

My Honey-who is a salt- of- the- earth- man, upon hearing my tale of woe later in the day said, “Maybe you were doing the other patients a favor. They got better sooner because they couldn’t wait to get the hell away from you and all your wailing!”

Then, we both laughed good, deep belly laughs. Perhaps he was right.







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