On Being Irked

I was very disappointed-heart sick really, about losing a bid on a house. It was/is a 1912 four square in need of a lot of money and hard work to return it to its heyday of glory.

But this is not about the disappointment, it’s about someone telling me that losing the bid was a “blessing in disguise”. That irked me to no end!! Why are people so uncomfortable with the discomfort/sadness of others? Why do they feel the need to have you instantly cheer up so that that they feel better?

I do not believe in fate, or that a supreme being has “a plan” for me…I had thought that buying that house…that beautiful, peeling paint, overgrown bushes, sagging porch, high ceilings, original woodwork house…was calling to me to help it. And when it called to someone else, I felt sad and I will feel sad about it for awhile, and that should be okay.

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