On Stagnant



Some days, I feel like I am just “maintaining”.   I usually feel this way when faced with the same damn chores at home I am always faced with. If I do not do them, they will still be there waiting for me. If I ditch them to draw, they will still be there and probably in worse shape for the time passed.


I think I need a caddie. I need someone walking behind me, holding my metaphoric clubs, all the while whispering, “You got this. Good choice. Have you considered….?” In actuality, I have no idea what the caddies say to their golfers but it must be some good stuff, because you see the same caddie with the same golfers year after year!!


The caddie would do all the things I hate doing and he/she would do it with a smile and good attitude. They would anticipate what I need and then provide me with it-always thinking of ways to help me succeed.


No caddie today. I am carrying my own bag and cursing all the way doing it. Some days are like that.


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