On Growth


This past year, my daughter has grown closer to her friends and farther from me. It’s what is supposed to happen, but that does not make it any easier on me.

After school/work today, we had a rare ½ hour, just the two of us (and our sweet, black cat crying silently to get us to pay attention to her). I made some homemade mint tea-my grandmother’s recipe. Yes, it’s 90 degrees outside, but we love it and the memory for me is sweet for another post.

She said, “What do you want to talk about??” I started talking about the upcoming dance at her school, which she quickly shut down, telling me that that’s ALL everyone at school is talking about.


I was at a loss…so, I did what I do best (use my imagination), and I said I was “Brett Mabley (made up name) from NPR, here to interview her”. She loved it, and was most eager to answer my questions.

I started with, “First memory” and we moved on to her belief about why we are on this earth. Fascinating. Then, Brett Mabley asked her how she would describe her mother. She was at a loss…and then said that she does not think of people in terms of “how they are”.

The half hour passed quickly, ending with her chewing the mint leaves, which promptly got stuck in her braces, sending us both into a fit of laughter. I don’t think Brett Mabley is supposed to laugh on NPR.

I will use this technique again with her. I think we both grew today and I know her a little bit better now.

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