On Weeding


I have been so hesitant, afraid really, to use my shoulders and arms for   anything but basic activities (2 frozen shoulders recovering from surgery). But yesterday, I looked out over our patio ,which resembled a movie set from some “Last Man on Earth” movie with the plants taking over everything in sight.


It does this every year-last year, I did not weed it because my shoulders hurt so badly. I worked for hours yesterday.  I grunted and groaned as I yanked the weeds and vines out from their roots in the hope of regaining some sitting space.


I began to envision my cutting and clawing as the scar tissue releasing their hold on my shoulders and my heart. This shift in thinking and feeling lightened my whole body and gave me the courage to proceed until the end.


Today, my shoulders are fine-no pain at all. The patio is cleared and today I will fill it with pots of bright flowers. A simple act that has opened my body/mind again. What will “grow” there today?

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