On Pain, Limitation and Perception

I read NPR each morning when I’m the only one awake-well, only person awake. Our   cat wakes with me each morning. I’m thankful for her quiet company.

This morning, there was a story on Forest Kindergarten, where the entire Kindergarten spends the whole of Mondays outside. I do not know yet if they are a half or full day program-I only know that the idea vibrated my insides!

And then, my right shoulder reminded me that it is hurting again. This is how it started last August until it froze and then the left one joined in on “the game”.

We have no trees anymore on our playground. We did-2 grand oaks (a section of it is in my basement, waiting to be sanded and polyed into a massive table)…we used to be able to see the seasons with the trees.

We used to follow ants, crickets, spiders, collect acorns and sticks. We used to build and create small structures with branches. I am caught this morning in, “We used to” and can’t see past that.

I do not like to feel limitation and know that it will require a shift in perception. And so, I dedicate the morning to this shift.

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