On Rejuvenation


I am officially “worn out”. Between my physical maladies and a school year like I have never experienced before…I feel like I have little or nothing left to offer.

I am however, the eternal optimist. I imagine it is what has kept me going in prior times of “officially worn out”. I’m in a bit of a quandary this time as to how to get my groove back?

I read about the GOMAD diet (weightlifters use it to gain weight-as in drink a Gallon of Milk a Day) but was only able to choke down two glasses of milk yesterday in addition to meals. I suppose that’s better than no change at all.

Somehow, I think my problem is deeper than that. Or maybe it isn’t! Maybe the problem/the issue is just needing to spend a bit of time on myself. How do I make this “The Summer of Mary”? Time to choke down some more milk.

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