On Naming Three Things

I have a dear friend who challenged/proposed that “we all” (as in all of humanity) name 3 things (besides family and friends) that we can’t live without.


What a soul-deep, profound idea! Then came the hard work of cutting through the daily drama to do so. I had just finished my attempt at meditating with Deepak and Oprah and felt rather centered (or less off-centered as the case may be).

My three things: cats, nature and music


How much am I getting of each and where am I fitting them in on a daily basis? I used to go to this fabulous acupuncturist who told me my belly-button pulse was off center. She would gently try to coax it back and each time I visited, it had carefully made its way back to “off center status”.


So, my gratitude/belly button goal for the day is, cats, nature and music.

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