My Book

I recently finished my Army Brat Memoir and sent it off with a kiss and a heartfelt wish for success, whatever that looks like.

I have been working on this book for two years, mostly in the wee hours of O-Dark-Hundred insomnia.  The process took me by surprise-I thought I had made peace with the difficult things that had happened, years ago.  Turns out, I had just been storing it all in my cells.

Memories long buried were induced with music of that genre.  Music and tears…it’s when I did my best writing.  It’s when I was unfiltered.

I learned how to forgive, both myself and others through this memory- debriefing process.  The pain had been such a part of me, that I feel a little lost without it.  No danger there as I have started my teaching memoirs.  Plenty of tears left to shed.


2 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Kristy Sweetland

    I know the feeling of finishing that work and being left with an empty space where all that creative energy was pouring into for so many months. I’m so glad you’ve started your next book. I’m currently writing a memoir and the emotions it stirs up… So powerful, not always fun or even energizing. Your writing is so real and raw and authentic and beautiful. Thank you so much for birthing it into the world. Love you, angel.


    1. inaredwood Post author

      Ahh..the empty space…I struggled to leave it “empty” for awhile to honor the completion/loss. Funny thing finishing something so emotional. “Birthing it into the world” I like that and hadn’t thought of it that way.
      Here’s to your memoir! I feel like our cohort starting writing our individual stories during that first Summer Seminar at ITP. Thank you, Kristy for reading my work.



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