Making Space for Peace


I have been receiving integrated bodywork from a wonderful therapist for four weeks now. Each week, he addresses areas where my energy is stuck and or stagnant.

Yesterday at work while teaching, I felt the shift that his work/our work has allowed…a space inside me for peace.

I had a parent LAY into me yesterday in front of all my students. Not pretty. I never once felt like yelling back which does not surprise me as I always put my students first. I know how to look calm/behave calm on the outside.

The part that surprised me was the way I felt deep inside as it was happening and afterward as well. In the past, when someone would yell at me unjustly, I would be calm on the exterior but boiling on the inside. Yesterday, I felt calm.

I saw a video about Bruce Lee awhile back, and something he said stuck with me; “Be like water”. I never really deeply understood what that meant until yesterday. Water always looks for a way around an obstacle. The path is the process.

Yeah, yeah, many of you are saying: peace, love, embrace your fears…but in order to do that, I realized a person needs the space inside.

My weekly bodywork session with Rich was yesterday afternoon. I explained what had happened with the irate parent and how I reacted on the inside. I was actually able to reflect on the event; still horrified that my students had to witness her rant, but able to deeply know that she herself is hurting…that she has deep wounds inflicted long ago by someone else.

I am not after opportunity to encounter this parent again. No desire to go toe to toe. Rich explained that if that situation presents itself again, I could channel the skills used by martial artists who can anticipate and then deflect blows and or weapons.

I hold anger and sadness in my core. This makes for a rather painful, stiff set of ribs, which then translates into my shoulder issues . When he works on me, he is working to expand my rib cage. We began to speak of holotropic breath work and how the breath can affect structure.

Now I’m on a mission to develop my breath. I have tried in the past with yogic breathing, but it always felt impossible. I needed support to make room for my breath development and expansion. I am a chest breather. Really the only time I know I am breathing to the core is when I am sobbing. I don’t do that a lot.

Isn’t this the stuff people should learn in “Health” classes? Instead of a disease based model, what if we came out of lessons with practice in the tools of peace. I know that Mindfulness is touted as the new “thing” in education but I realize that the component that is missing from this education is the structural work that a bodywork therapist can provide.

What if our kids, at their visits to their pediatrician, also received structural bodywork, which would encourage their tissues to align and to expand to make space for their breath, and to make space for peace.

Is the medical profession; is the education profession ready for this?

All I know, is that I know have space for peace inside me, and this morning, I can go to work into my classroom, greet the children and meet any situation I encounter today with grace on the outside and on the inside. All because I have room for peace.



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