Amplified Energy

I’m back from a week in Sedona, Arizona.  It left me both exhilarated and exhausted.

This is land (Boyton Canyon) that has strong vortex energy.  Little did I know, that it can also amplify negative energy if one is filled with anxious thoughts.

There were some moments, where I thought I would crawl out of my skin with anxiety, and then it would pass and I was filled with such a cleansed feeling…an openness really.

My little visitor, the moth, came on day 2. I first noticed this little, powerful presence in my life when I went out to California for a Grad. school seminar about 5 years ago.  It seems to show up when I think “I can’t do this”.  I just watch it, and it watches me.  I like to think it’s someone watching over me.

I was due for some transformation after a very difficult school year and Sedona did not disappoint.  I received an amazing reflexology session from a woman who filled me with peace.  I also received a “rejuvenating facial” (re-facial for former sun worshippers) from a therapist with a sunrise tattoo on her chest.  Those two women took me past this awful anxiety I had been pummeled with prior to those appointments.

I still feel like this transformative energy is within.  I could analyze it to death, or just bask in the warmth of it…yes, warmth it is.

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