My Choice

I was 19 and feeling like the world at large was stepping on me.

My mother told me, “You can only be a doormat if you lay yourself down first”.

At the time, her response aggravated me. I felt she did not understand. I felt angry that all the responsibility for the way people treated me, was my doing.

I think perhaps, that what she meant, is that I am responsible for my actions, my reactions and for my responses.

I call this to mind, anytime I feel “wronged”. Well, that’s not completely accurate. In my moment of anger, all I feel is angry and disrespected and a desire to lash out in my defense.

But, because of Mom, I have the tools to reflect on my actions, my reactions and my responses. Sometimes, I choose to pop like a cork, sometimes I choose to not respond (on the outside) and sometimes I choose to calmly express my feelings. My choice.

Thanks, Mom.


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