On Life and Landscape

People post pictures from where they live and their view is awe- inspiring. I look out my window in the front and see a 4- way intersection and a stoplight.

I look out my back window and see our patio pavers long overdue for a weeding, and our large, deflated pool that has not been used for two years, filled with old grass clippings long turned brown.

I don’t feel inspired to post these pictures. I sometimes long for a little stone cottage in the woods…oh wait, I lived in that stone cottage in the woods; the one with the stream in the front yard and a footbridge leading to my front door. It’s only three minutes away from where I currently live.

But that house was filled with tension. I left it 12 years ago.

This house is not picturesque. Often it is filled with dust, dirt and clutter. But it is also filled with laughter and creativity. Just yesterday, my daughter and I painted watercolor landscapes at our dining room table.

The stoplight that often bugs me, has also has comforted me on long nights when my daughter was younger and up with a high fever. Looking at it on those nights with her in my arms, reminded me that life goes on, it cycles through just like the colors on the stoplight.

Those weeds between the patio pavers are visited by the birds and they use them as a food source.

That pool was swum in by my daughter and her friends, by my daughter and her cousins and leaves an excellent footprint for a pond. The birds and small animals already use it for a water source. Why not just make it formal?

I was at Safeway yesterday afternoon, bemoaning the fact that I lived in a concrete jungle, when I looked up. The clouds were building for a summer storm and I saw that clouds are a changing landscape unto themselves. I thought about whipping out my cellphone to take a photo so that I could share with others…but I have the image in my mind and heart.

Is life and landscape filtered constantly through our internal perception? Maybe not for everyone, but it is for me.

The clouds give me a chance to experience vastness and drama on a daily basis if I just remember… to look up.






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