The Wishing Jar

The Wishing Jar.

Fill It With Sugar

I was given an enchanting pottery jar, from a dear friend living in New Mexico some years ago. She had lovingly glued gold glitter to the inside of the lid and explained in her accompanying note that it was for wishes.

I keep this little pot on my kitchen island, and every morning, I either open it or close it depending on how I think I need “opening” or “closing”.

I have filled it with wishes for recovery from frozen shoulders, desires for peacefulness in my classroom, wishes for dispersing anger from people I live with and for answers to a clear path for a change in careers.

So far, none of the wishes has manifested. I was beginning to wonder if it was worth putting the little bit of effort that I do into my opening and closing morning ritual.

The other evening, I got my answer.  My 10-year-old step grandson asked me about the pot. I explained how it was for wishing and that so far, no wishes had come true for me.

He quickly smiled and said, “You need to put sugar in it”. I smiled, and said, “Good idea”. I imagine he sensed that I was not taking him seriously (and I wasn’t) and he said with more insistence, “No, you really need to!”

He is an intuitive soul, an old soul really, so this morning, I took his advice, and put sugar into the pot. Maybe all along, that is what I have needed to do to:  my shoulders, to my classroom, to my family members and to my new career path.

As I go through my day, that is my wish…to remember to “put sugar into it”.

May it be so for you.

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