Can You See the Rear Wheels?


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Can You See the Rear Wheels?

While on vacation in Sedona, AZ, I was in awe of the red rocks, but what really kept me in awe was the relaxed way that the Sedona-ions drove and left space between me and them while driving and at stoplights.

No “on my tail,” “hurry up because I’m late” driving. I don’t understand the need to ride on someone else’s bumper, or wait on someone else’s bumper.

If you do this, is it that you need to be close to others, but can’t figure out that this is not a successful way to fulfill that need? Do you think your life is so important that you have the right to take my life into your hands?

Have you considered that if you are on my bumper, you will have NO WAY TO GET OUT of a situation. If I stop suddenly, you will crash into me and then you will be even later than you were before.

It will be all your fault. It will be your insurance rates that go through the roof. It will be the loss of your transportation, perhaps the loss of your job if you don’t show up…why would anyone want to put themselves in that situation?

Always have a way out. Always have a sound exiting strategy. If you’re late, get up earlier and leave earlier. Next time you’re riding someone’s bumper, remind yourself that you’ve just blocked any hope of your ever getting away. You hold no power; I do as the car in front of you.

By riding someone else’s bumper, you are giving them ALL YOUR POWER. You are, powerless.

So today,  make sure   you can see the rear wheels of the car in front of you touching the ground when you’re driving or when you’re stopping.

If you’re aggravated at the driver in front of you, imagine that it is your mother, your child or someone who has positivity influenced your life. Give them some room and in effect you will be giving yourself some room too.

Let’s make today, “Give Someone Some Space” day. You’ll  find that in doing so, you’ll maintain your power, and have more space on the inside.

Power and space-it’s a beautiful thing.


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