I Will Be Kind, I Will Be Kind


I Will Be Kind, I Will Be Kind…

I spilled a container of blueberries while in a long checkout line at the local grocery store.

I was finally at the front of a seemingly endless line  of irritated looking people. They looked irritated before I had even spilled my container and sent little, bouncy blueberry balls flying.

I quick squatted on the floor to pick them all up, halfway anticipating that the person right behind me would help. She did not. She audibly let out an exasperated sound.

I apologized for dropping the round antioxidant fruit as I scrambled to find and pick them all up. I got them all, or so I thought.

As I stood in front of the payment machine , I looked back and noticed a squished blueberry next to the foot of the sour-faced woman behind me.

I asked the cashier for a paper towel, thanked her and apologized for the blueberry debacle. I thought that maybe “Exasperated Sigh Woman” might offer to clean up the blueberry she had squished, but she seemed perfectly content to watch me on hands and knees cleaning it up.

I felt so sorry for her. I felt so disappointed in her. May I NEVER be too busy, too tired, too anything to help others.

The cashier thanked me for cleaning it up and followed it with, “Most people don’t”. Did my act of personal responsibility change anyone or anything today? Probably not.

“Sour Face, Won’t Help You Lady” made me momentarily disappointed in the world, but I quickly felt so thankful that my mother had instilled in me, to be kind and help.

Spread the word: Be a Human Who Helps.

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