Inner to Outer Change/Influence



Think Globally, Act Locally. Inner to Outer Change/Influence.

It is too easy to be outraged at events happening around the world and do little or nothing to improve our behavior towards our family members and towards ourselves.

I did not come up with this phrase, and I wish I knew who did. “Locally” to me means to start with self and extend to the family members/people you are living with daily.

World peace, world equality, begins with self and with home. How many times do we use negative self-talk? How many times do we carp at family members and have disruptive dinner conversations ending in someone stomping off and saying words we or they will regret later?

Now, some who read this may think that I “don’t care” about the injustices happening to people of color, to women, but that isn’t true at all. I am a reflective person and in order to create the “change,” I  am in firm agreement that  I must “be” the change. (Gandhi’s wise words)

If every person who feels stepped on, marginalized, forgotten, unjustly treated, and if every person who believes that is the wrong way to treat people with anything but dignity, improved themselves and their reactions and actions towards themselves and  their family members, what kind of powerful force would that be?

Is that easy? Hell no. Is it doable? Hell yes. Time and dedication. Saying “No” and saying “yes” when it moves us towards our highest human functioning.   That is how we can do it.

I’m on a quest people…and it will create waves at home, and waves inside me. Join me. Start today. “Be” the change in yourself and at home. Let’s see what happens…starting…NOW!

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