A Busy Woman’s Guided Meditation


A Guided Meditation for Busy Women

I’ve tried the whole, “You are walking along a beach, the sun on your shoulders” type of guided meditation…good for about a minute, and then my mind is consumed with all that still needs to be completed before the day’s end.  Most days, I feel like I am just surviving.

Here is my idea of a meditation that would actually calm me down and maybe even provide me with internal peace:

(Enter music and pleasing voice)

You are free.

All your finances are in order and you are set for retirement.

The laundry is done, and you did not have to do it.

The dishes are done and you did not have to do them.

The house is clean, and you did not have to do it.

The food shopping is done and put away, and you did not have to do it.

Your school plans are done.

All preparations for the entire week’s classroom activities are done.

You have no appointments to keep.

A driver takes you to yoga class and drives you home.

Dinner is ready, and you did not have to cook it or clean up after.

Your family appreciates you and lets you know it.

The TV is off and music is on…your music…and everyone you live with is pleased.

Your hot flashes have stopped and you are comfortable.

A masseuse is waiting to tend to your now sore muscles.

You drift off to sleep knowing that tomorrow will be the same.


Now that was a guided meditation!


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