Who I Have Always Been

Why do we throw away who we are in quest of someone, something, somewhere to “find ourselves”? I am not a regret-filled person but not having pursued the life of a naturalist has weighed on me at different times in my life.

I read the masterpiece, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, in 1972, the summer I turned 11.

This story of a boy who runs away and lives on his own in the mountains, using what the mountain provided to survive while also befriending a hawk, intrigued me, lived with me and influenced the person I am today at 55. Oh, those acorn pancakes…that is what first caught my fancy in 1972.

My current study of medicinal herbs and also of aromatherapy has transported me back to that summer with my 11-year-old self, sitting on the hill in our backyard in Rockville, MD.  My arms and legs bronzed from the sun, long brown hair hanging about my shoulders, I would spend hours splitting open dandelion stems, feeling the milky liquid on my skin and just know that it was good for something, but didn’t know what.

I didn’t pursue the answers as I did not value my questions. I do now.

Think back, feel back to ideas, the trueness that was you, that has always been you and walk that path. That is home.

May you value your questions and seek your answers.

Off to harvest fresh dandelion leaves, purple dead nettle and violet flowers for our morning salad.

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