Hoping for Survival

    I planted 60 lavender plants early this past Fall and visited them on January 1st.  Our farm property is forest and field and when I came to the edge of the forest, I could smell the sweet, unmistakable scent of lavender.

Many of the new plants are surviving, some are thriving and some have no detectable above-ground life.  Dog tracks are evident…the neighbor has a dog that she lets roam freely over the land.  I am not pleased.  We will have to chat.  She informed my partner (on a day that I wasn’t at the farm) that her husband likes to “forage” for food on this land.  The dog and husband will have to ramble elsewhere.  Now, how to phrase that in person to her?  I’ll come up with something.

Earlier in the summer, I had gone out to our property with baskets in hand, to collect the wine berries that grow wild on our property.  There was not one berry to be found!!   The bushes had been full of almost ripe berries, a week before. Apparently, the resident “forager” had been there.  I was not pleased.  My partner said, “Maybe it was deer”.  I’m okay with deer-they were on this land long before I was.  But Mr. Forager On Someone Else’s Property, I am not.

I had not considered “neighbors” when becoming an herb farmer.  Promises to be interesting.

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