Plants Don’t Lie

 I was at an establishment today buying school supplies and supplies for our business .  The cashier was very friendly and asked if I had a Business Account with them.  (How she knew I owned my own business, I do not know).  When I said that I did not, she invited to me apply for one and if I did, I would save $50 dollars today.  I told her that not all of the purchases I was making today were for my business.  The guy behind me in line said, “Everyone does it”  The cashier said that that did not matter as long as I had spent at least $50 dollars on the business “stuff”.  That did not sound right to me, but admittedly, I am still learning about business expenses.

As she asked me numerous times for  the information for the Business Application, she came to  the part where she needs my “Tax Id” number, but I did not have mine with me.  I apologized and said that I would just have to come back another day and apologized again for taking her time.  She volunteered that I could just put “any number” and then call back to change the number with the correct number.  I did not feel right about this, as the incorrect number would not be telling the truth.  It would be a lie…a lie that would save me $50, but a lie just the same.

I smiled and said that I just couldn’t do that, and again, apologized for wasting her time.  She looked at me and said, “Everyone does it”.  This has never been the reason for me to do things and I was beginning to feel annoyed on the inside.  I said, “Perhaps, but not me.  I’ll just pay full price for everything, and next time I am in, I will come more prepared”.

Does everyone lie?  Have I ever lied…yes. Is it good? No.  The older I get, the more the truth means to me.  My daughter could not understand what the big deal was since the cashier offered the “solution,” but when we got in the car, I explained my discomfort and my unwillingness to be like “Everyone” and lie just to get a slight savings on purchases.  Excellent teaching opportunity.   Which brings me to plants.

They are what they are.  They let you know what they are if you listen…they don’t lie.  If it’s a cactus, the spines are sharp.  They look sharp and they are sharp.  If it’s a flower, and you can smell a sweet fragrance from it, it doesn’t quick stink when you bend down to smell it closer.

I hate that “Everyone does it” is considered justification.  I am feeling sad with humanity at the moment.  Time to go smell my Alligator Juniper Wood essential oil.  It doesn’t lie.

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