I Didn’t Notice You


I almost sat on someone in a waiting room. I walked in the door of my Bowen Therapist’s office, marching forward but stuck in a muck of tangled emotions.

I quickly apologized to the woman I almost flattened and explained that I had been too “in my head”. She smiled and forgave. Note to self: look around.   No matter what is happening in my life, look around. Look up, look down, look all around and then and only then, proceed.

Awareness lessens when we are consumed with anguish or at least mine does. My daughter is in the middle of a life altering health crisis and I am working at navigating our new life.

I took the photo of my blackberry bush and it is only today as I write that I noticed the delicate tips of red on each of the emerging leaves. Why is it red? Does it stay red throughout the growing season?

How many other areas of my life am I almost sitting on someone/something without noticing? If I make an effort to live with increased awareness, will I accomplish anything, complete anything, get anywhere, remember what I was doing in the first place? I don’t know. I’d like to find out.

I consider myself a Realistic Optimist. The Realistic Optimist View of almost sitting on that person: You are not noticing. Start noticing and see what happens. It could be really good. It’s got to be better than the embarrassment at having to apologize aloud to the stranger you almost sat on in a waiting room.

How do you see it?





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