Mother/Daughter Project

fullsizeoutput_2b4My daughter and I have loved antiquing together since she was a little child.  We used to go in search of doll clothing for her stuffed animals.  She wasn’t into dolls-just their clothing.

We are both ga-ga about antiques and about saving things from being forgotten and discarded.  We both take joy in finding people who will charish our found items and give them homes.

Yes, they are not “alive” but they each carry the energy of those who have owned them previously.  That’s how we view things.  If we pick something up and it has a weird or disturbing vibe, we put it back.  Why the creepy feeling?  No idea really, but I have learned to honor the instinct we were gifted with and not to sublimate it.

Mid October of this year, we will have our items for sale in a new ETSY shop, called, “History Hawk Vintage”.  We are super proud of this store and are busily working on getting all the items listed for sale for our Grand Opening.

The book posted above is one of my favorites.  The illustrations have such a simple, graphic quality and the verbage is  kind and comforting.  Nothing high speed about this book-just the way I like it.  It is so hard to think about parting with these treasures, even though the intent of aquiring them was always to do so.

So stay tuned, all you lovers of treasures from the past.



2 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Project

  1. Lisa

    Can’t wait to view your History Hawk Vintage on Etsy! Love looking through all the different Etsy sites. Excited for you and Sylvie and your new adventure!



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