What the Daffodils Know

February in Maryland…what are my daffodils doing showing their tips so early?  Do they know something I don’t know?  Of course they do.  Plants have been here long before people, and they will be here after.

I wondered if I should cover them with leaves?  Should I leave them be?  I decided to let them be and see what happens.  Kind of like parenting a new 18-year-old…which is where I am at now in life.  My inclination is to still ask the zillion questions: Did you bring your coat?  Don’t you think you’ll need a coat?  Do you have your medication?  Did you remember to take your medication? and the list goes on and on in my head.

My life as “Full-Time-Parent” is quickly coming to a close.  I guess it is a Retirement of sorts.  Transition is never easy for me but I do like it.  Maybe it’s all those years I was an Army Brat, where Transition was a way of life.

Perhaps the daffodils  are a reminder that Transition is a process.  Not without pain, not without errors in judgement, and not without joy.  May the daffodils and I continue our journey into Spring.  Each of us observing the other and letting us “be”.

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